Sunday, January 31, 2010


Down Blossum
This pendant is made from two pierced silver 'petals' riveted to copper 'leaf'. Handmade copper finding on back.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Copper hollowform pendant with silver rivets

The Bermuda
This pendant is constructed of copper with three silver rivets. It features a handmade copper finding on the back that will fit most necklace chains with ease, The piece measures about 1 inch across and 7/16" deep (with finding). Copper does and will tarnish after exposure to oils from your skin as well as just being exposed to air. I can substitute silver for copper if specified for any piece of jewelry. However, the price of the piece will increase if silver is specified. Actual piece will vary slightly from this image. Meaning, the gaps between silver rivet and copper body will not be present.
$75.00 (copper)
$95.00 (silver body, copper rivets)

Sterling silver hollowform pendant

This piece is made of Sterling Silver in the shape of a teardrop pattern with various sized holes drilled into front of pendant. It features a handmade silver finding on the back for easy connection to any necklace. Piece measures 5/16" at it's widest and 1/8" deep (with finding). Actual piece will vary from what's seen here.

Copper hollowform with silver rivet pendant

The button

This pendant is 9/16 in diameter. a litle over half-inch. 5/16 deep. Features handmade copper finding on back. Will tarnish slightly with wear as well as exposure to air. If you are one to worry about that, Copper is not the metal for you. Actual piece can vary from image. Meaning yours will not feature the gaps between silver rivet and copper body as is shown here.